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Creatrix of "The Heart Codes Process"

                and "I Am a Witch, Are You?"

I am endlessly enthralled by the mystery of the energy that moves our inner and outer Universes. I grew up in Brazil, surrounded by spiritual healers (curanderos), shamanic rituals, and channeling. These are my heritage and a fundamental inspiration for my life-journey. My formation as a spiritual and energy healer began in earnest as a teenager, when I studied and worked in spiritual centers to better understand, deepen and master my channeling experiences.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with people in energy healing therapy, spirituality, and meditation. My path has focused specifically on the integration of Energy Healing, Shamanism and Tantra. Inspired by Osho, my therapeutic method combines Tantra, Primal, Learning Love, Inner Child and Trauma Healing. Using counseling, several therapeutic approaches, active meditation, shamanism, and initiation rituals, I facilitate a healing process that creates deeper self-understanding, and personal and spiritual growth.

I help guide your encounter, while supporting the livelihood of the indigenous communities, and maintaining the sacredness, responsibility and authenticity of the experience.

Much of my recent work has been to guide women to reconnect with our heritage, our ancestral sisterhood, where we support each other to unveil our innate wild nature, authenticity and freedom. I developed this work during a five-year nomadic period that took me through powerful lands like the Middle East, Europe, Bali and the Americas. During this time, I have also been serving as a “bridge” between the Amazon, its plant medicines and their original keepers, and the rest of the world.

In the last year, I have been sharing my time between Peru and Ecuador.


In Peru, my base is high in the Andes in the beautiful and powerful Sacred Valley, in direct connection with the Apus (the sacred mountains) from where I made pilgrimages and guided groups to sacred sites, and, more personally, received transmissions from the Lady of Cao in El Brujo.

On Ecuador's coast, Ayampe, a natural energetic vortex and portal,
I have focused on deeper inner work and created a dream project with my life partner.

Whilst continuing my channeling and therapeutic activities, working to inspire people to
live from their heart,
activate their own medicine,
empower themselves
to be who they truly are
in this human experience,

to Remember and Be Here Now.

Kiya Ecuador bamboo
Sacred Site - Sacred Valley_edited
Samauma in Amazon Brazil
Sacred Valley
Sacred Valley Pisa
Shipibo in Peru
Guatemala - Rosalina Tuiuk - women's rights
the sacredness of Coca leaves
Naupa Iglesia - Cave - Sacred Valley
Home in Apu Linli - Sacred Valley
Calca - Sacred site - URCO
Leading Women's Group
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