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Shipibo-Konibo “Curandero” Tradition

with Kenemtsa & Kiya


A journey into the sacred ground of the Amazon from which

you dive into the depths of your heart.

The opportunity to reconnect with nature and to open new dimensions

of awareness and understanding of cosmic relations.

The FOREST is calling you?

• Overseen by the powerful and loving guidance of Kenemtsa & Kiya

• A direct experience of being connected with the Rain Forest in Amazon

• Receive the plant medicine Ayahuasca from their original keepers and guides

• A safe and contained space for your healing, nourishment and integration

• Kiya will be there bringing the harmony of meditation – speaking your language

• The forest will be your nest for rebirth into the life you deserve

• Surrender to nature and get back to your true self

***This is an intimate journey designed for a maximum of 8 people.



Kenemtsa, from the Unaña Shipibo-Conibo tribe, native to the Peruvian Amazon and with more than 33 years’ experience offering Ayahuasca Ceremony – “Abuelita” for many people around the world. 


One of the leaders and main “curandero” (native healer) of the Shipibo tradition - using the plant medicines to release and heal the body/mind/soul.


Coming from a lineage of magic, his parents were both shamans as well as his grandmother. His grandfather had the power of a “M-ralla” – a magician from the forest who possesses the power of disappearing and appearing in any place and could materialize objects and animals at will. 

Since an early age he helped his father in a community “home-hospital” to take care of everybody who came to be healed.


At the age of 17 years old, he had his first shamanic initiation using 11 sacred plants, including Ayahuasca. Starting then his path as curandero of the community.

about kiya

I am Brazilian and I was born initiated through the portal of my mom's schizophrenic womb. Through the edge of between dimensions, I arrived in this human realm into a shamanic family and ancestrality.

I grew up surrounded by spiritual healers (curanderos), shamanic rituals, African religions and channeling which are my heritage and life-journey. Becoming a spiritual / energy healer after studying and working in spiritual centers to deepen my channeling experience, since my teens.

I work to activate your life force so it flows anew, creating change and healing, and helping you to see yourself as you really are.

I open portals to alternate dimensions that raise and align your frequency, initiating and enabling your own access to them. I serve as a revealer and guide to these subtler realms.



Jaime Flores keeps the ancestors’ tradition with integrity, purity and respect, sharing their wisdom with dedication and love. 


Kiya brings the power of clarity and integration to the process. Carefully holding the space of trust and deep awareness of each person in their unique journey.

The immersion happens in Pucallpa - Peruvian Amazon- in his center for dietas and retreats. It is a simple place that conserves their original way of living. 

His “icaros” (songs) combined with the medicine guide you through your journey where mystery is unveiled and transmutation happens. The experience integrates the power of nature with simplicity and alchemy. You will feel in your body and energy field.

Every small detail is cared for and catered to your unique experience. The “dieta” is prepared and served with so much love and beauty to nourish you through your process.


The “casa”, where you will sleep, is a nest of quietude embraced by the forest.


  • Participation in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • 2 Herbal flourish baths

  • 1 ancestral massage given by Kementsa

  • Subtle breathwork with Kiya

  • Meditations to align and integrate guided by Kiya

  • “Icaros” songs to balance the inner process

  • Group sharing with Kementsa & Kiya

  • Contribution to the Shaman and his center

  • 3 meals a day – indigenous cosine - during our stay (as well as fruits and tea)

  • Participation in all activities - walking in the forest and in the village, visiting the pottery artisans, a bazaar of artisanries, Shipibo celebration.

  • Free time to rest and harmonize

  • Transportation from the Airport in Pucallpa to the village (1 hour by car) round trip.

  • 7 nights accommodation in a shared “casa” (traditional Shipibo house) or an individual casita.

  • Bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

*** other plant medicines may be used accordingly to your necessity and desire

who seek to heal their traumas and pain

who want to deepen their spiritual understanding

who want to dive into shadow work

who want to create space in the heart for inner peace and joy

who has a physical/emotional/spiritual issue

who is ready to heal and to live a life of authentic expression

With your participation, you support the live hood of the shipibo community.

We are dedicated to build, step by step within the possibilities, a bigger and more well-structured space to create a cultural and educational center for the community. Their artistic ancestral ability to make sacred drawings, textiles, painting, pottery, beadwork and their medicine tradition was almost lost with the missionary's invasion. We wish to bring back these ancient ways for the good of the people.

Your presence and financial exchange will support to preserve their traditions and wisdom in order to strengthen and expand, aiding him in his duties as “curandero”, healer of the people.

Come to the Amazon rainforest and BEcome alive!


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