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Meet Kiya

I work to activate your life force so it flows anew, creating change and healing, and helping you to see yourself as you really are.

I open portals to alternate dimensions that raise and align your frequency, initiating and enabling your own access to them. I serve as a revealer and guide to these subtler realms.

This helps you to accept the choices that you have made, freeing you to more easily access your true self, draw from your unlimited inner wisdom and discover your true purpose.

You can then live more freely and connected with yourself, no longer deciding from fear and meeting life with resistance, instead finding a sense of peace, trusting your intuition, and creating a life in alignment with your true self and our universal source.



Embark on aTransformative Exploration:

Journey through the blend of Zen, Shamanism, and Tantra, as we weave a profound transformation within your being. Together, let's navigate the depths of ancient wisdom, unlocking the secrets to living authentically in the modern world.

With grounded steps and an open heart, explore the interconnected realms of spirituality and healing.

Traverse landscapes that mirror the inner terrains of your soul, unraveling the layers of your being.

As you explore sacred lands, open your heart to the echoes of ancient wisdom that reside in the stones, rivers, and ancient trees; embracing the wisdom that transcends time.

Let the exploration begin...

Ready to Begin?

Let the journey of a lifetime unfold

according to your vision.

Your unique experience awaits – where self-discovery meets the magic of exploration.

Discover more at "JOURNEYS" and

set your journey in motion.


The Heart Codes Process
Embark on an 11-session transformative process, complemented by an optional 9-day retreat.

Delve into the realms of Zen, Shamanism, Energy-Spiritual Healing, and Tantra, weaving a powerful transformation within your being. 


A profound process crafted to guide you back to your innate wisdom and liberate you from the conditioning embedded in your human blueprint. More than just a process, it's a journey of heart-centered revelations, unraveling the intricate code that defines human reality.  


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