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Osho Active Meditation



Active is connected with the expression of the body where consciously we can let go repressed feelings and emotions and learn to watch our experience in a new way.


“The modern man is a very new phenomenon” as says Osho. We accumulated stress and anxiety with the contemporary lifestyle as well repression, and we are mind oriented.


The techniques are necessary to remove the mind from the way and to release the body, to create a space in which you can be silent and still – totally present in the moment. Then the meditation can happen… The inner alchemy flowering in awareness. It’s an exploration that you experience within – in your own way. That makes you are whole, absolutely responsible for yourself, you are free to live an authentic life.


Osho has been scientifically designed more than 100 different active meditations to reach each one and their necessities.


He says: "My effort is to make meditation available to each and everybody. Whosoever wants to meditate, meditation should be made available according to his type. If he needs rest, then rest should be his meditation. Then "sitting silently doing nothing, and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself" - that will be his meditation. We have to find as many dimensions to meditation as there are people in the world. And the pattern has not to be very rigid because no two individuals are alike. The pattern has to be very liquid so that it can fit with the individual. In the past, the practice was that the individual had to fit with the pattern.


I bring a revolution. The individual has not to fit with the pattern; the pattern has to fit with the individual. My respect for the individual is absolute."


All of Osho's active meditations involve a beginning stage of activity - sometimes intense and physical - followed by a period of silence. They are supported by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditator through the different stages. 

“You are asking, 'Is it possible to meditate without any technique?' It is not only possible, it is the only possibility. No technique is needed at all - as far as meditation is concerned. But what are you going to do with your mind? Your mind will create a thousand and one difficulties. (...) 


It is not a question of technique. You don't have to do anything. Meditation is something natural, something that is already hidden inside you and is trying to find its way to reach to the open sky, to the sun, to the air. But the mind is surrounding it from all sides; all doors are closed, all windows are closed. The techniques are needed to open the windows, to open the doors. And immediately the whole sky is available to you, with all its stars, with all its beauty, with all its sunsets, with all its sun rises. And meditation is your nature, is your very potential. It is another name of alertness. (...) The basic fundamental is, whatsoever the meditation, it has to fill this requirement: that the body, mind, consciousness, all three should function in unity. Then suddenly one day the fourth has arrived: the witnessing. Or if you want to, call it God; or nirvana or Tao or whatsoever you will." Osho


Read more about Osho and his meditation techniques:




It's a session designed to guide you on a journey inside of your "body-mind-heart" to help you to desidentificate with your memories and dreams and come out to the real feelings, to the present moment. Bring awareness to the body and a sense of detachment from past and future where the only moment is here and now.


Presence is a healing force which manifests when we are grounded at the present moment. From this space, step by step, you can incorporate meditation into the daily life. As well recognize which technique fits you and dive deep by yourself.


"Once you are clean and clear, you can see tremendous love falling on you from all dimensions." Osho

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