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Design your own Journey

Options from 7 to 21 Days

Embark on your journey during the most fitting time for you. Choose from the following options:


Select Your Preferred Dates in 2024

  • April / May

  • July

  • September/October

Contact Me for a Different Date: 

If none of the listed dates align with your schedule, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to accommodate your unique timeline and make your journey as seamless as possible.

Craft your own journey, whether seeking the intimacy of a private retreat or a group adventure.

Private Journey: (1 to 3 people)

Experience the utmost in tailored luxury with our private journeys. Your journey is exclusively crafted for you, ensuring privacy, focused attention, and the freedom to set the pace according to your desires.

The private retreat is a sanctuary for introspection, self-discovery, and profound personal growth.

Bring Your Own Group: ( minimum 5 people)

Create a Personal Experience: Gather your friends, family, or like-minded individuals and embark on a tailor-made adventure. Bringing your own group allows you to curate the experience together, fostering a unique bond and shared memories.

Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of your group's company. We will cater to your group's specific needs, ensuring a personalized and intimate retreat experience.

Join a Scheduled Group:

Inner Journey in Peru

April 21 to 26th - Inner Journey at the Sacred Valley 

April 27 to 28th - Machu Picchu

April 29 to 3rd of May - Lake Titicaca

May 4th - Rest in the Sacred Valley

May 5 to 8th - Treking Apu Ausangate

May 9th - Closing the Journey

Silent and Detox Retreat in Ecuador

May 13 to 19th

Amazon Healing Retreat in Peru

July 2 to 10th

Ready to Begin?

Let the journey of a lifetime unfold according to your vision. Contact us to start creating your custom retreat or group adventure.

Your unique experience awaits – where self-discovery meets the magic of exploration.

Embark on your Own Sacred Journey


Feel the gentle tug of your heart calling you to a profound adventure – it's time to listen.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, not only through the ancient ruins and Inka cosmovision of Peru and Bolivia but also to the mystical landscapes of Ecuador and the enchanting depths of the Amazon.

Connect with the Sacred Valley:

Uncover the secrets of the Sacred Valley as you traverse the ancient ruins and delve into the profound Inka cosmovision. Let the energy of this sacred land awaken a deeper connection within your soul.

Experience the Magic of Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu:

Yearning for the enchantment of Lake Titicaca and the mystique of Machu Picchu?

Let these iconic landmarks be the backdrop to your journey, where magic and depth converge in a breathtaking symphony.

Hike the Magical Apu Ausangate:

Venture into the Vilcanota range and conquer the majestic Apu Ausangate. Feel the enchantment of this magical and powerful peak, where the journey becomes a dance with nature's raw beauty.

Amazon Dreams and Medicine Wisdom:

Is the Amazon and its medicine whispering to you in your dreams?

Explore the depths of the Amazon rainforest and unlock the profound wisdom of its healing plants, a journey that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.

Rediscover Yourself in Ecuador:

Seeking solace and rejuvenation? Find the time and space to silence your mind, rediscover your true self, and embark on a profound cleanse for both body and mind. Immerse yourself in the lushness of nature and unwind on the pristine beaches of Ecuador.

Heart Codes Process - A 9-Day Spiritual Retreat:

Step into the Heart Codes Process, a 9-day retreat that acts as a portal to decode the human experience and unveil your spiritual nature. Join us on this transformative journey where profound revelations await, aligning you with your soul's purpose.

Your journey begins here!

Choose the path that resonates with your heart, and let the exploration of self and spirit unfold in the most magical and meaningful way.


Peruvian Amazon

Plant Medicine & Dieta

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