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Kiya is a Brazilian whom, from a very young age, has been fascinated by the mystery of the energy that moves our inner and outer Universe.

She has over 15 years of experience in energy healing therapy and meditation. Her path has been towards integrating Energy healing, Shamanism  & Tantra. 

Inspired by Osho, her work as a therapist combines different approaches, including counseling and meditation which creates a healing process that intends to connect one to a deeper level of self-understanding and spiritual growth.

For several years she has guided women to reconnect with their own ancestral heritage of sisterhood, where women support one another to unveil their innate wild nature, authenticity, and freedom. 

She currently lives a nomadic lifestyle, working to inspire men and women around the world to empower themselves by integrating the Masculine and Feminine within their own hearts.


Creator of  "The Heart Codes Process" - 




Are you ready to take absolute responsibility for your life?

Are you daring to listen to your heart?


When we take responsibility for whatsoever happens to us unconditionally we open an inner space that enables to listening to our heart allowing to express ourselves from our truth.

Responsibility is the capacity to own our choices, feelings and emotions, actions and behaviors, fundamentally our being and life. We stop to blame the others and circumstances and honor our experience. This awareness empowering yourself to make the transformation that you want and deserve in your life.

It feels so amazing when you realize that you don't need the approbation of anybody. Can be a bit depress and hard at the beginning realize that you aren't a victim of your family, teachers, social injustices and so on. The society wants you to believe it; you aren't capable of living free and from your truth. As Osho says: if you are going in throwing responsibility on the other, remember that you will always remain a slave because nobody can change the other".


This is a rebellion for me as love and spiritual phenomenon. Breaking through from your conditioned mind and take responsibility for your life, listening to your heart courageously and rise. The life force is coming through you - be open!​

There is no need to do a life time therapy and to struggling with the high ideals of spirituality and perfect life style.

If it is your truth go for it! If it's not... relax! Don't take life so serious, starts accepting whatsoever you are feeling right now, your reality at this moment. Immediately many things become possible, and for the first time you will become aware of an inner world - unknown energies will begin to flow in you.


Now, next step - Can you have space to take small risks?


Let's begin...

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