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From Abuela Margarita: inspiring thoughts and insights

She sings,

“I am the Love of Heaven and Earth.

I am the Great Spirit and I am eternal.

My life is full of love and joy.”

The need to raise the feminine within us.The “feminine” does not belong to women only, but has a very direct relationship with the heart. In both men and women, the awakening of the feminine means doing things with love. Love is not just sexuality, but having a loving disposition in life.

Change is feminine. Women must begin to value, love and honor themselves. Know how much they worth. In 1993 I walked for two and a half months at the invitation of Indian Seminoles throughout Florida.

The theme was “Change comes from women.” One of the things that was said on that trip is that, for thousands of years women were considered equal to men. But the day that the woman ceased to occupy that space of equality, the Earth became poisoned.

Women as educators. When we speak of Mother Earth, we also talk about women, who must take their place as educators. Their mission is to teach man to love. Once they learn, they will behave differently with women and with Mother Earth.

The power is within us. We are born with two possibilities: love and fear. We can use the power of the Great Spirit whenever we want both to love and to conquer fear. When you understand who you are, your thoughts become reality.

When I need something, I demand it of myself. And it works. We have been taught to worship images instead of worship ourselves and each other and our power that comes from within.

Honoring life. My house is round-shaped and is called “Hunab Ku” (which means “God” in Mayan). When I arrive home I light some cedar or incense or bring a plant to honor my house.

It has adobe walls and wooden ceilings. It is alive! And I also honor myself with a picture of me. I put flowers around it. What you see in the picture is my avatar, but within that avatar, the Great Spirit is walking.

We are sacred beings. We need to be honoring ourselves, well aware and assured that God is within us starting the day we were conceived . We must understand that we are sacred beings, the Earth is our Mother and our Father is the Sun.

Until recently, the Huichol would not accept deeds to the land. “How am I going to own Mother Earth?” they said, because it does not belong to us.

Happiness and Joy. Happiness is so simple! It is to respect who we are, and we are earth, cosmos and the Great Spirit. Joy is very important in life. I am the power within me.

Sex is a sacred act. We must see our body as sacred and know that sex is a sacred act, that’s the way it becomes sweet and fills us with love and purpose. Life comes through that act of love. If you trivialize it, what do you have? Returning the sacred power to sexuality changes our outlook on life. When the mind is attached to the heart, anything is possible.

The importance of the elderly. As mature women, we have failed to say, “Here I am!” Many older women are caring for their grandchildren and stuck in their desire to control and suffer. But after 65 years of age, we all are ready to serve others as universal fathers and mothers. Old people are like gold for humanity.

This article was originally published in Voxxi.

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