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The Power of Grounding

"I want people to be so awake that their whole consciousness goes to the deepest part of their being, and also to the highest peak. A vertical growth, just like a tree grows. Its roots go down into the earth, and its branches spread towards the stars. Its blossoms flower into the sky, its nourishment comes from the deepest part of the earth. It is always balanced; the higher the tree goes, the deeper it's rooted.” Osho

I found a great video of Michael Jürgens - "Down to Earth - The Art of Grounding" - Earthing Benefits Revealed, it's revealing the benefits of grounding for our body/emotions/mind in a scientific perspective. Have a look!

Some highlights from grounding:

The grounding is a base, give us the foundation to reach out to inner peace and balance from where we are, from who we are.

It’s a way to discharge and release whatsoever is needed from your physical and energetic body while connecting us to the earth, to the roots.

Experiencing to honor our place on this planet and in life as human beings.

Being aware of the present moment enable us to grow higher and higher.

Feeling of relaxation and stillness.

I invite you to feel grounded… can you just stand or walking barefoot in your house, garden or beach...

There are different ways of grounding besides to be in direct contact with nature - can you shake the body, or jump ​bringing the awareness to your belly, or stand grounded in one place with knees bent to do a gibberish, or do catharses moving the body freely... this can be done for 5 to 20 minutes and just be still in silence for 10 minutes afterward.

During the grounding, take time to feel it within your body – what is the sensation that comes to you? Can you feel your belly? Can you feel your heart? And how it feels afterward? Take the risk to surrender to mother earth and feel the strength flowing to your life…

We experience life in this mother earth as human beings who channeling the divine presence expanding in consciousness… the embodiment of our roots and our wings allow us to fly higher and higher, deeper and deeper into our presence here and now.

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