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Mature Trust

We have learned and continue to learn lessons about trust all the time; but when we go through difficult or challenging times in our life, our trust is tested. We get triggered, many times our hurt inner child take over. For most of us, our childhood is a mix of positive and negative experiences. The ways in which we felt unloved, unappreciated, unseen, disrespect, or even abused, to a sensitive child is devastating and will create a profound mistrust.

With inner emotional work and awareness, we can feel compassionate and understanding with ourselves, slowly more space is created, and when we can allow ourselves to truly feel the pain and the fear that is provoked inside, the energy shifts and maturity starts happening.

The quality of genuine trustfulness is a deep inner experience of feeling connected to our Being and to Existence. It’s not dependent on other people or anything outside.

We can develop genuine trust. It’s an understanding that when we stop fighting with the pain that life invariably brings, these experiences take us to greater maturity. With this kind of trust inside, we can recover from even the most painful process, failures, and rejection and we are able to pick ourselves up again and keep going with a positive and open attitude toward life.

As Osho says: People who trust themselves can trust others. People who don’t trust themselves cannot trust anybody. Out of self-trust, trust arises. Because if you don’t trust yourself, How can you trust your trust.

Mature trust is based on a deep inner experience that we are being held and cared for by Existence. That, anything happens to us, whether positive or negative is an integral part of our growth as human beings. And gradually we can feel relax into the moment and be Present, trusting that the fear is there but you are not them. We are unique and perfect as we are, and we are one with the Existence, we have a place and qualities that are just for us, that we truly love ourselves as the Existence do. We are alive because the Existence brought us here! She loves us, is our natural birthright!

"You go on missing something – Something that you had known but you have forgotten, A faded memory, a lost remembrance. And the gap is not only a gap, it is a wound, Because you have brought something with your birth into the world And you have lost it somewhere. This is the greatest crime that is committed against every child. To spoil a child’s trust is to spoil his whole life Because trust is so valuable that the moment you lose trust, You lose your contact with your own being". Osho


Photo by Thiago Martins



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