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A Process to access liberation and love

The Heart Codes come from my visions and dreams that I have had since my adolescence. These culminated in a particularly powerful dream that I had in 2019, one week after my father’s death, in my sister’s house in Brazil. He had been my sole surviving parent, having lost my mother at the age of 11.

I was grieving, I was feeling very deeply the pain of having no parents, nothing left to come back to, sadness, and then the anger at my father’s failings and the hurtful ways in which he left his estate, as well as relief and freedom from the burden of having to satisfy, please or impress him. This sense of freedom cleared the way for my path of revelations.

In the dream, it was very clear from the energy that it came from a very high frequency that felt very familiar to me, although I still can’t say where it came from.

Starting from around when I was 14 years old, I had a recurring dream that one day I would write a book that had a blue cover. In these, I would go to a place and there was a book in which sometimes I could only see blank pages, and at others, I could see a code that consisted of lots of geometrical forms and signs, that I couldn’t understand at the time, but it became gradually clearer to me that the code’s cipher was deep in my heart, but to unlock it I needed to trust, and to learn a process that I would one day share with others.

What always blocked me was that I didn’t yet trust in myself, in my worthiness as the bearer of this knowledge. It has been a slow process that is still unfolding, and may even be a never-ending one...

Also for me, I find it difficult to bring my energy and presence and put that into my mind, into words. I know the codes cannot be transmitted exclusively in the dimension of language. It is a felt process to which words are ultimately a hindrance, blockage and barrier. I feel strongly that I come from a place where language is not used as much as here on earth at this time. The codes will take us there.

I am not yet cooked. But, through my training, work, dreams, visions, journeys, encounters and other experiences, I have learned enough to know that I know enough to start sharing. And that the Heart Codes will only start revealing themselves more fully to me through that sharing.

Will you join me?



The Heart Codes is a process of 11 online sessions and a 9-day retreat. The numbers as the length of the process are part of the codes.

The heart center is where love arises and expands into the most powerful force of the Universe.

For Einstein, this force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To live from the heart is to live connected with who you are, and not whomever you were told you should be.

Anchoring love in ourselves to embody a new frequency in our being - we stop fearing the future and open up to be the most creative energy in the present moment. 


The Heart Codes is a process intended to open to revelations, connect with our hearts, feel ourselves, and unveil our true selves.

The shadows have been hidden from us in different dimensions of perception. Even our own darkness is repressed to create even a deeper feeling of separation in ourselves.

We will create space to receive and embrace the feeling of brokenness and the anguish to belong to generate healing and self-love. Only then our hearts can be ready to receive the codes.

The supposed evolution created an abyss between us, nature and the void. Our feelings and animal instincts are considered shameful creating guilt and hate in our DNA blueprint. So we learned to deny our humanness, our earthly form, to live in constant inner dwell and pain. Contributing to keeping us under control and separated from our powerful capacity to love and transcend. 

We are naturally ecstatic beings capable of being the vessels of life force(bliss) and divinity at the same time. 

To be love enables us the clarity of revelations and truth that makes us a danger to society.

The Heart Codes Process is getting content from my direct experience in my journey of liberation, channeling, and reconnection with nature, spiritual and alien ancestrality.

The container is already there in form of a book and codes. 


May we can find the innate home called love to live Unity in freedom, balance and peace.

I offer you my heart to awaken yours.


The Heart Codes Process encompasses:

  • The power of feeling to liberation

  • Opening and anchoring life force

  • Profound acceptance - the courage to be yourself

  • Love - the fire of transmutation

  • Belonging to authenticity

  • Cosmic aliveness to create wealth and freedom

  • Compassion to embrace each other



**You can choose only the sessions but in order to attend the Retreat, it is required to have the sessions.


DECODE YOU  - experiencing the earth-life cycle.

Love yourself is an act of courage and freedom.


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