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“The therapist will always know that he functioned only as a vehicle of a divine force, of a divine healing. He will be as much grateful for the experience as the patient. In fact, he will gain as much out of it as the patient.”  Osho




Energy Healing Process - Counseling – Meditation


The interrelation of therapy, counseling, and meditation are the pillars of my work. Meditation is the essence of any therapeutic process that intends to connect to a deeper level of self-understanding and spiritual growth.


From a state of deep connection and Presence, therapist and client merging at the same energetic field where the self-healing is possible. The transformation rises through acceptance of any experience and feeling as it is, without trying to change or fix anything. If you are daring to take wholehearted responsibility and embrace the learning... gradually the inner transformation will manifest. The counseling gives support to the transcendence of the inner being and the new way of living.


The therapy consists of sutil manual touch - manipulation of the fascia/cranium/sacrum through the spinal cord – dialogue and guidance during the session if it is necessary. Through liberation of repressed energy, usually caused by trauma, shock, certain types of illnesses, memories of childhood or even past lives, occurs a release of the body/mind/ emotions.


Healing happens as alchemy of life force, bringing a person to live courageously according to their essence. Allowing to live from a harmonious creative way oriented towards a relaxed state of well-being and peacefulness mind.


Duration: 1h 15 minutes




For mental and physical relaxation from daily stress, tensions, and lower energy as well chronic pains.


The energy release and equilibrium occur through energy cleaning and chakras balance with sutil touch, music, and aromas carried out in a peaceful and healing environment.


Besides can be indicated herbal tea and oils, Bach flowers as well breathing and meditation practices that can be easily incorporated into the daily life.


Touches (manual work) are performed through the fascia that connects and interconnects all the muscles and organs of the body - as the connection between the cranium and sacrum, through the spinal cord.


The meditation creates a space of inner connection and silence.


This session will bring a mental clarity and a realignment of the body as a whole, increasing vitality and relaxing into the moment.


Duration: 60 minutes

Flowing with Active Meditation

Weekly meetings to experience and deeper into Osho Active Meditations.


Through meditation, a person can disidentify from mental stress and relax into a profound state of well-being.

Will bring a new quality of life that will become more vibrant and harmonious.

*Limited spaces.

Open up to the Flow of Life (workshop)


(coming soon)

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